Wise Owl Varnish, Oil and Tonics

Wise Owl Paint

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Varnish- Available in Pints and Quarts • Tough as nails • Crystal Clear Formula—zero amber resins • Rated for outdoor use with 3 thin coats • Self-levels • Recommended to wait 24 hours after painting to apply the first coat of Varnish. Then the recommended Varnish recoat time is 4 hours. • Lay it down quickly, do not overwork! Work in small sections • 30-day cure time

H*mp Oil-H*mp seed oil finish provides a protective, water-resistant surface that protects from the inside out.
It can be used on new wood that is bare, stained, painted, or to revive old wood effects.
Our h*mp oil is 100% h*mp seed oil without unnecessary fillers or preservatives.

Furniture Tonic-
Available in Lemon Verbena, Bergamot Lime, and Unscented
Thick glass bottle with easy to use pump top
H*mp Oil-based, all-natural, no solvents
Moisturizes, polishes, and seals raw/stained wood, painted surfaces, leather, stainless steel, stone, and much more
Great replacement for traditional furniture polish
To BEAUTIFY AND REVIVE, bring out the grain, and protect raw wood.

Makes a wonderful and natural ALTERNATIVE TO FURNITURE POLISH, simply apply over finished or unfinished wood.

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